Bellwether's hot weather fabric technologies explained

Bellwether's hot weather fabric technologies explained


Stay out longer and perform better in hot weather! Our advanced technical fabrics improve hydration and prolong the onset of fatigue. They’re specifically designed to dissipate heat and reduce the amount of perspiration needed to maintain core body temperatures.  This allows your body to not waste energy trying to cool itself but directs that energy into the task at hand - boosting cycling performance.


With the high temperatures which come with mid-summer heat the traditional thought is to put away your dark colored garments in favor of lighter ones to combat the heat.  With almost every cyclist opting for black shorts this is not a very viable option for most.  To address this issue the Swiss development team at Schoeller® have come up with Coldblack® technology – a dyeing process that gives optimal protection from heat due to sunlight exposure.


Traditional performance garments solely rely on the evaporation of sweat to keep you feeling cool and comfortable. With our Coldflash® cooling technology it actually uses perspiration in order to cool the garment.  As you sweat, cooling polymers found on the internal surface of the fabric react with moisture and lower the garment temperature creating a cooling effect.  This cooling process leads to more comfort and better hydration – boosting performance and delaying the onset of fatigue. 


Our Cooltemp™ fabric technology utilizes a dual cooling process for dynamic thermoregulation in hot and humid weather conditions.  To achieve optimal moisture transfer a dual-knit construction uses 2 different yarns to rapidly pull moisture away from the skin and move it to the outer layers where it quickly dries – providing evaporation cooling. The yarns which are closest to the skin have cooling crystals embedded within the fibers – creating a cool sensation against your skin that is built in and will not ever wash out.  This double cooling effect uses both an evaporation and conduction process to provide optimal thermal regulation while exercising in hot and humid weather conditions.