Fabric Technology

With 10kmm water resistant and 10kg breathability, our laminated, air-permeable Aqua-NO™ fabric construction is designed to keep water out while still maintaining excellent breathability to keep you warm and comfortable.

Stay strong in the saddle when Mother Nature aims to take you down. Designed to minimize skin exposure to the air and provide insulation that warms without adding bulk; our breathable ColdFront™ windproof fabrics are the perfect solution for extreme cold conditions.

Powerful, stretchable, tightly knit construction provides excellent thermal regulation on colder outings. Fleece interior traps warm air while microfibers quickly uptake and transfer moisture to outer layer keeping wearer warm and dry.

Content: 55% Nylon, 32% Polyester, 13% Spandex
Weight: 210 g/m2

Warp knit construction features a peached inner
layer that circulates warm air between the skin and garment keeping wearer warm, dry and comfortable.

Content: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
Weight: 200 g/m2

The cooling bars printed on the inside of the garment react with your sweat, lowering the temperature of the garment. This helps you to stay noticeably cooler by providing next-to-skin comfort while accelerating the wicking process to keep you dryer longer.

Unlike normal dark colored fabrics that absorb heat, coldblack® fabric uses a unique finishing technology that reflects heat and reduces absorption of harmful UV rays.

Embedded cool-to-the-touch crystals combine with a dual knit construction to absorb body heat, speed moisture transfer, and lower skin surface temperature by 2-5 degrees.