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      News — 2017 Summer Collection

      Introducing the Aires Bib Short

      Introducing the Aires Bib Short

      Built for total riding comfort 

      Our new pro level bib short designed and developed for the elite cyclist who is seeking a competitive edge while training or racing in hot and humid weather conditions.  High compression, moisture wicking fabrics are paired with our ultra-high density chamois to provide comfort on the longest and most demanding days in the saddle.

      Hot Weather Performance

      Premium high-gauge Italian fabric features Coldblack™, a cooling technology which reflects the sun’s rays reducing the build-up of heat.  This technology allows the body to focus its energy toward the strenuous activity of cycling rather than wasting it trying to cool itself - boosting performance and delaying the onset of fatigue. 


      Ventilated Bib Upper

      Upper section of bib features 1-piece seamless design for improved stretch and support with less pressure on shoulders.


      Long Distance Comfort

      Our Forma Pro Anatomic Carbon chamois represents our dedication in addressing the biggest concern for cyclists - in saddle comfort.  Special ultra-high density inserts are combined with an anatomic shape to provide the needed stability, support and protection over long distances. Learn More. 

      Low Profile leg grippers

        Italian leg gripper has low profile finish which provides support and stability without restriction while providing an aerodynamic advantage. 

         Ride the Aires Short and feel the difference