Mountain Weather Video Shoot

Mountain Weather Video Shoot

We invited the Bellwether Test Team out to what we expect to be another beautiful day of riding in the sunshine state. Riders joined us from across the state; excited for a physically challenging ride at Mt. Baldy.  However, the San Gabriel Mountains didn’t welcome us with the mild weather we have grown to expect in Southern California. Shortly into the journey to our final destination, ominous clouds overtook the landscape. Undeterred by the demanding conditions, we pressed on. Every adventure is worthwhile. Live the Ride.

Location: Mt. Baldy, CA.

Field Test: Heirloom Jersey

"Cycling has become a huge part of my life because of the many benefits it provides. It's my escape. My release. Riding provides me with time to think and process. Aside from the physical elements, it provides so much mental and psychological benefit."

Serge Lysak - Bellwether Test Team

I have been a fan of Bellwether since the day I put on my first jersey. So to be invited to join the Test Team was an absolute honor and I couldn’t wait to help. It was a lot colder than I expected a Southern California ride to be but the gloves and arm/leg warmers helped a lot! The light rain wasn't my favorite especially during the descent but after a few cautious test runs I found my sweet spot for speed and braking pressure. 


It was a little tricky navigating the twists and turns in the wet conditions. Rain and alpine roads don't exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly but I got used to it and soon it was smooth sailing. The climbing was a little tough but we got through it. We worked together and mentally pushing each other up the mountain. 

I'm definitely a fan of this location! I would love to come back and climb the entire mountain the next time I'm in the area... Ideally on a dry day.