Technical Fabrics for Top Performance

Bellwether clothing ensures your body can perform at its peak. Our Comfort Control System optimizes temperature regulation while you ride. Lycra Power supports muscles, delaying fatigue and extending your endurance. Together they create a second skin that keeps your focus on where you’re going not what you’re wearing.

Aenergia Aenergia

Warp-knitted fabric with microstructure horizontal effect. 26% Lycra (Lycra-Power certified™). Honeycomb knitting construction. This fabric gives maximum comfort because when worn, each single cell opens and closes letting air in and moisture out. Highly abrasion-resistant.

Aerotex Xforma

The most advanced and technical fabric in our arsenal. X-Forma uses a lower denier (high filament) yarn on the outside to draw moisture through from the higher denier (low filament) yarn on the inside. In addition the inside yarn transports water through its capillary action. This dual combination multiplies the moisture management performance keeping you comfortable and dry.

Aerotex Aerotex

Advanced dimpled construction increases fabrics ability to transfer moisture, while also holding aerodynamic properties by minimizing wind drag. Supportive Aerotex fabric provides muscle support through compression.

Xfactor Xfactor

The most technical mesh fabric we use has Mircopoly yarns which spread water droplets over a larger surface area to allow for quick evaporation, while open knit design maintains significant airflow also accelerating the drying process.

ps3000 PS3000

Powerful, Stretchable PS3000 is a nylon/Lycra blended fabric designed to support muscles during exercise, helping to decrease fatigue while maximizing muscle efficiency.

quadra-tech Quadra Tech

Unique box like construction increases the outer surface area of the fabric which improves transfer of perspiration away from the skin for speedy evaporation, while small channels promote ventilation for proper temperature modulation.